Doorteck offers a full range of automation

Doorteck always advises customers when wishing to automate an older door that you should be careful not to assume the electric operator is going to help with either a worn out or badly fitted garage door, both of which will be heavy to operate as they are usually not balanced correctly.

All Doorteck remote controls offer standard safety features which ensure the garage door will stop if an obstruction is met during its operation and reverse to prevent damage to the obstacle or door itself.

This safety feature is built into all CE compliant modern electric operators and relies upon the garage door being properly balanced as a manual door so the safety reverse feature does not receive false readings due to ‘heavy’ or ‘sticky’ positions during the doors operation.

This will give you a remote control door that keeps stopping for no apparent reason and defeat the object of door automation , the convenience. For roller shutter doors the regulations are even clearer with a bottom edge safety sensor required to stop the roller shutter at any point during closing.

Doorteck can repair older garage door openers and have parts in stock for Henderson Duo 650 operators sold via Henderson a few years ago. Sommer Duo and Sprints along with Hormann and Cardale motor units, if we can still get hold of the part we will fix it. Garage door repairs are our first step if we cant repair it or it wont be safe if we did so then we would recommend a new unit.

Doorteck offer a range of remote control systems for up and over doors, sectional doors and roller doors. 

The new base+ operator we supply comes with a range of accessories to add not only security but helpful functions .