Doorteck Awnings 

The types of awnings differ firstly in terms of the protection they give to the fabric roll against the elements when closed. The mechanisms, including the folding arms, are made of aluminium and stainless steel and are therefore extremely weather-resistant and do not necessarily require protection. Another aspect, which is often more important to customers, is the appearance of the awning when it is closed. What is left on show? For customers with high requirements in terms of design, we also offer either a design projection profile or a luxury chrome finish for the side parts of some models. For additional sun protection and  privacy, there are also special models designed as double awnings. There are rather more technical considerations relating to the possible size of the awning (the maximum projection always depends on the width) and the resulting stability. An awning has to withstand a great deal in the course of its long life, a fact that we take as read for our high-quality, tried and tested brand awnings.

Open folding arm awnings are mainly used in areas in which the closed awning is in a protected position, e.g. under a roof overhang. The retracted fabric and mechanism (including folding arms) are open and are therefore exposed to the elements with relatively little protection. A rain cover is available as an option to provide basic protection. As with all of our awnings, the high-quality aluminium and stainless steel components are durable and weather-resistant. For many customers, the look is the most important aspect. With open folding arm awnings, the valance is all that conceals the mechanism and arms, and they are always visible from below. Open folding arm awnings are used classically in sheltered positions on balconies and terraces.

Doorteck Wind protection

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Doorteck can also supply wind protection and privacy wall .The ERHARDT WSW is a side protection awning with a flexible height (max. fabric height 1.80 m). This makes it an ideal solution when the sun is low in the sky, the wind causes problems and, above all, when protection is required from the prying eyes of others. The side protection awning provides optimal privacy on balconies and terraces and in small gardens and it can be extended or retracted as required. The technical features ensure that handling is as easy as possible - it can be extended  and retracted in one movement. Two brackets provide adequate stability even in stronger winds. The box with the awning fabric can be removed at any time (e.g. in winter) by lifting it slightly. The side protection awning can be fitted almost anywhere, as a wall can also serve as the attachment point. The brackets provided also require little space and are very unobtrusive and flexible to use. The side awning can be extended up to a maximum length of 4 m, but it is also an elegant solution in the smallest of areas (e.g. a balcony).