Doorteck Garage Doors Security Shutters

Doorteck sun screen fitted to outside of building

Doorteck offer a comprehensive range of Roller shutters. As they are permanently exposed to the elements. It's a big challenge, particularly in view of climate change: extreme situations, such as heat waves, storms and changing weather patterns. This  increasing demands on materials and building façades. Aluminium provides an advantageous, high grade material that guarantees durability and longer product life. It also retains its shape and colour better than PVC. Aluminium roller shutters also provide eff ective anti-burglary protection: Aluminium is better!

Qompact® offered by Doorteck

Qompact® bundle of energy: Qompact roller shutters offer a complete system for increased security and safety in your own 4 walls.

Qompact roller shutter side view of security rollers
Doorteck externaly fitted Sun screens with full Automation

Qompact roller shutters, supplied & fitted by Doorteck from Alulux offer a complete system the ensures increased protection against intruders and the weather.

The roller shutter box is significantly smaller than many other standard boxes.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the shutters ensure the best level of protection for you and your rooms.

  • Fitted with a motor as standard.
  • Punched or unpunched roller shutter profiles are available.
  • Box and profiles made of extruded aluminium.
  • Small shutter box measuring 18cm for 2.6 m element height.
  • Available in a 20°, 90° angle format or as a round roller shutter variant.

Doorteck offers a range of security shutters with some fantastic features to protect your property, these are strong shutters and not make from the 44mm thin stranded aluminium foam core laths that you see on standard security shutters . The design and engineering that has gone into these shutters is reflected in the price so if your looking for cheap security shutters , these are not for you. However if you would like a written quote on a high security shutter then please contact us on 0800 046 1074 or email we more than happy to visit , measure and submit a quotation for this quality product.