Replacing Your Garage Door:

You are only likely to replace your garage door once in 25 years, unless of course you move or damage the existing one. When it comes to buying a new one it’s definitely worth researching your investment after all a “garage door” is not just a “garage door” and it may be worthwhile spending a little more time making sure you get exactly what you want.  Get the advice you need from the people who know-Doorteck Garage Doors, have that experience

Here are some top tips we think you should consider before you start:

  There are several different types and it is key to consider your needs before making your decision. For example,

 Looking for more width or height? Insulation?  Minimal maintenance? More length in the garage? More space on the drive?

A budget replacement for what you already have installed, just updated?

Door types.

Canopy – Probably the most common, fitted with a spring above the door, and opening outwards by about 3ft. The most economical door mechanism. Available in most designs and materials. Not the best option for automation... although possible, drive through height is reduced.

Tracked Doors. (often referred to as Slide Away or Retractable) – Fitted with tracks at the side of the door carrying the doors top rollers into the garage usually the same distance equal to the height of the door. Available in most designs and materials and one of the best types for Automation.

Side Hung – The most traditional style of operation both doors open outwards, format can be 50/50 or 1/3 2/3 split and these doors can be automated. Available in Timber, GRP or Steel and also Steel with a 40mm insulated Core.

Roller Doors– There are a few variants, however recently the most popular are the insulated aluminium lath doors. These are available in either a 55mm or 77mm lath  and work on as little as 205mm of headroom. The designs are very limited to a horizontal rib. No outward swing giving more space on the drive way and again inside the garage. Roller doors can be supplied with Manual opening but are usually specified with electric motor, control box, 2 remote control handsets and, importantly, a safety device that stop the door closing onto your car or person.

Sectional Doors. These doors are usually dived into 4 or 5 sections depending upon height and open vertically to a point equal to the drive through height before curving back into the garage on a horizontal track which has a length equal to the opening height plus the manufactures allowance usually 600mm. These doors are available in many sizes and designs and materials such as grp, powder coated steel and laminated finishes.  No outward swing giving more space on the drive and inside. Sectional doors can be supplied with Manual opening but are usually specified with electric motor, control box, 2 remote control handsets and, importantly, a safety device that stop the door closing onto your car or person

Doors manual or automatic?
Approaching your garage in the pouring rain and the door opening automatically at the touch of your remote control, does that fit your need? Whichever type of door you choose, remember - it can be operated manually or automatically. Consider which is right for you – and for your budget. An automatic system is beneficial if you always park your car inside the garage, as you can open the door as you drive up without getting out of your car. However the door type again comes into play here – canopy, retractable and side-hinged doors all need out-swing space, so take care when driving in! Roller and sectional doors require no out-swing space and may be more practical on an automated system.  Remember there are various ranges of automation systems a top quality one will come with a 5 year warranty and can last you around 15 years if serviced.

Security must be considered
Good security is vital. Your car probably has valuable electrical gadgets fitted, and you may have expensive equipment – hedge trimmers, chain saws and lawn mowers – stored in your garage. This is especially important if there is direct access to your house via your garage, as this is a potential point of entry for intruders. If you have chosen an automatic garage opening and closing system, then remember they also have excellent security benefits. You can add a security code, keypad lock and alarm system to your new door. There are many other locking options available which are suitable for both automatic and manual mechanisms, depending on which door you choose. Look at multi-point locking systems, steel lock bars and euro-cylinder locks.  Doorteck consider sectional doors to be the most secure doors available at present for domestic garages.

 Where the headroom inside your garage is particularly limited, we can supply a Compact version of  Roller Door which requires only 8" (205mm) above the opening height. Using a 55mm insulated aluminium profile opening widths of up to 3 meters can easily be accommodated.

The Compact package includes a neat 90° fascia that completely conceals the back of the door's coil, so drive through height permitting, it can be installed partially or completely into the garage door opening.

The Compact Roller Door is also suitable for external applications as all exposed components are made from corrosion resistant aluminium and then powder coated to a high standard.

Where required an optional 45° canopy can be supplied to completely enclose the curtain's coil. These features mean that the Compact looks and performs just as well when fitted onto the outside of your garage, as it does when fitted on the inside.

 Build Qualities. There are variants in the quality of garage doors as in any other product; some are visual difference and some construction. Machine built doors are better than hand built although this sometimes reduces the range of sizes available, gaps between the door panel and the frame can be important as this keeps out the weather and leaves so those doors with a rubber edge on the frame will fair better over time. Check to make sure you are not getting a “seconds” door ex display door without your knowledge. Check the companies out on sites like 'buy with confidence' and 'Checkatrade' or do a company’s house search.


 Safety first

Your replacment garage door is going to be the largest moving object in your home, so staying safe is important. Safety is about build quality as well.  Look at safety springs, pivot arms and anti-drop devices, which stop the door falling in the event of spring failure or accidental closure. Doors can also be fitted with pivot-arm protectors, which protect your hands, as well as anti-pinch profiles, which prevent children – and adults – from getting their fingers trapped.

 Style and appearance

What material would you like your new door to be made of? Remember this is important for security purposes as well as aesthetics. Most doors are available in steel, timber and GRP, which is a GRP (glass reinforced polyester). Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but GRP is extremely low maintenance. Also consider the colour; a garage door can add kerb appeal, but an unsympathetic one can detract from the overall look of your home and garden.

Doorteck garage doors recommend, Garador, Hormann, Alluguard , Wessex and Teckentrump doors along with Sommer motor units.  

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