All Groke doors are engineered around a high quality multi-point locking system, and a multi-chambered aluminum that is thermally separated with a 3mm wall thickness. 

Every Groke door has two stainless steel bolt pins on the hinge side of the door that prevent the door from being levered out. 

Groke doors also feature a long, double European lock cylinder, that will leave any would-be lock-picking burglar scratching their head. 


Multi- point Three Bolt Hook Locks. 

Multi-point locking has obvious security benefits, but also contributes significantly to energy savings and exterior noise re- duction by creating a super tight seal all the way around the perimeter of the door. 


  • Latest-generation fingerprint sensor with high-speed processor and low energy consumption
  • Simple access administration (teach-in/delete)
  • Tamper-proof system: a real, live finger is required to gain access
  • Storage of approx. 50-80 fingerprints, up to nine administrators
  • Encrypted and reliable radio connection (Somloq rolling code system) 
  • Deletion of specific fingerprints possible even in the absence of the fingerprint owner
  • Each ENTRAsys FD has its own master PIN: access is still possible in an emergency (e.g. in the event of the failure of all administrator IDs)
  • Ideal for use together with the GU Secury Automatic multi-point locking system 
  • Vibration and shock tested