New garage Doors.

      New remote controls.



      Insulated Doors one piece, roller & Sectional.

      Coloured powder coated doors.

      Laminated Doors wood grain effect.

      GRP doors.

      Roller Doors in plastisol and powder coated.

      Bespoke Doors.

      Timber softwood and Hardwood.

      Side Hung opening outwards.

      Wicket Doors.

      Automated Gates and Side Gates.

   Pvc Windows and Doors.


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Anti drop sectional drum assembly

 Doorteck Ltd our able to undertake small building works such as removing two doors and central pier and installing a suitable RSJ .

Installing new side windows and doors to your garage.

Installing velux windows to the roof or making the space in your roof area suitable for storage and adding lighting.

We carry out bespoke door design and installation.

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All types of garage doors that may have seen better days probably don't conform to the new European Product Standard EN 13241-1 which came into effect on 1st May 2005. Outdated garage doors generally feature technology that often holds hidden safety hazards.

These dangers can include getting fingers caught in the externally guided cables which open and close the door or trapped in the gaps between the individual door sections of sectional doors. These type of hazards pose a particular risk to children as they can lead to lasting injuries as a result of getting trapped, crushed or cut.

The aim of the new Product Standard EN 13241-1 is to increase protection against such injuries. It stipulates that garage doors must offer finger-trap protection, side trap guards and an anti-fall safeguard. A further requirement is a cut-out mechanism that stops the automatic door on encountering an obstruction.

To meet these safety regulations, all garage doors and operators supplied by Doorteck Ltd comply to the new European Product Standards BS EN 13241-1, BS EN 12604, BS EN 12453, BS EN 60335-2-95 & BS EN 13241.

We can carry out a safety check on a single door or for property management agents a whole block. Please call for free advice .