Doorteck Garage Doors, always advises customers when wishing to automate an older garage door that you should be careful not to assume the electric operator or remote control, is going to help with either a worn out or badly fitted garage door, both of which will be heavy to operate as they are usually not balanced correctly. Doorteck offer a free no obligation site visit to inspect your existing garage door with a view to making any necessary garage door repairs or replace parts that are needed prior to installation of a remote control system.

All Doorteck remote controls, offer standard safety features which ensure the garage door will stop if an obstruction is met during its operation and reverse to prevent damage to the obstacle or door itself.

This safety feature is built into all CE compliant modern electric operators and relies upon the garage door being properly balanced as a manual door so the safety reverse feature does not receive false readings due to ‘heavy’ or ‘sticky’ positions during the doors operation.

Otherwise this will give you a remote control system that keeps stopping for no apparent reason and defeat the object of door automation.

For roller shutter doors the regulations are even clearer with a bottom edge safety sensor required to stop the roller shutter at any point during closing. Auto close systems have additional requirements which we can explain.

Doorteck can repair older garage door openers and have parts in stock for Henderson Duo 650 operators sold via Henderson a few years ago. Sommer Duo and Sprints along with Hormann and Cardale motor units, if we can still get hold of the part we will fix it. Garage door repairs are our first step if we cant repair it or it wont be safe if we did so, then we would recommend a new unit.

Doorteck offer a range of remote control systems for up and over doors, sectional doors and roller doors. 

The new base+ operator we supply comes with a range of accessories to add not only security but helpful functions .


Give Doorteck Garage Doors a call for newgarage door remote controls and automation . We repair garage doors, supply new garage doors and service garage doors. We are here to help with free advise and guidance on the safest and best options for you.                                        

All new Up and Over garage doors can be automated through the use of a ceiling mounted electric operator. Remote controls make automated automatic entry the ultimate convenience they also can prolong the life of your garage door as the door is lifted and closed in a smooth no jerking way and is always pulled and pushed up and down straight. Manual operated doors are sometimes opened and closed from the bottom corners or slammed shut this caused stress and can sometimes move cables springs, rollers out of alignment, an automatic motor looks after your door. 

For Canopy gear doors a bow arm converter is required if a traditional boom operator is installed, although not all canopy type doors are able to have this retrofitted. Automation is always much easier with a Retractable Up and Over door, since the bow arm is not required.

Unfortunately, automation is not compatible with all Up and Over doors, our team will be able to advise. 

Remote operation is secure, using hi-tech encryption systems between the remote and the receiver. 

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Smart phone operation of your garage door is available from Doorteck using the Somfy Dexxo Pro RTS range of garage door remote controls.

Somfy Dexxo Pro operators are compatible with Ta-Homa and Connexoon smart home hubs and not only give you smart phone control of your garage door also allows you to use Geo-location for operation so need to even open the app on your phone when you come home. The Geo-location software allows you to predetermine how far away you are before the drive way lights come on or your garage door opens for you without having to open the app on your smart phone.   Thanks to geo-location, Connexoon RTS Access can welcome you home! Let your garage door and gate open automatically when you arrive home.

The Somfy Dexxo Pro 800 RTS is a powerful remote control garage door operator from manufacturers Somfy. Suitable for:

Up & Over Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

Automatic stop if an obstacle is encountered.

The motor exerts a counter-thrust in the event of any attempt to force the door open.

Automatic closing after a selected time lapse can be programmed.

Integral courtesy light comes on automatically when the door is operated.

External light can be connected (500W max.) and controlled independently of the motor.

Battery back-up pack can be fitted to provide operation during a power cut.

Each operator is tested over 90,000 cycles to ensure long term use is achievable. Somfy are so sure of their product that they offer a 5 year manufacturers warranty on it.

Doorteck Garage Doors offer new remote controls from £325 fitted including vat

(dependent on power rating for door size) 

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