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Doorteck's Garage Doors experience in buying, assembling and installing, sectional doors places us in a very knowledgeable position to offer advise on which sectional garage doors is right for your home or storage building so which one do you buy?
A difficult subject, for us to recommend any one sectional door of course always looks like it is our personally preferred supplier but we genuinely want only to see sectional doors sold that truly have the qualities that are expected by our customers.

Primarily, a door sold for its insulation and security values with the added benefits of opening vertically.

The uk, now have an over supply of manufactures for sectional doors, many more than 5 years ago and in reality probably too many for the UK market to absorb, so what happens?  It can become a price war.
The trouble potentially with any price war is that no one wins, and quite often not even the consumer gets a deal as it is easy to think the best price is the one to go for, when in fact it is quite often the lowest quality. This may be a generalization but it is so often true, especially when a market is flooded with competitors coming in with serious intent to undercut on price alone. Manufactured or assembled in the Uk demonstrates a compliance with all standards. 

Doorteck Sectional Doors offer

Excellent security features, double rollers and a mechanical locking motor unit .

Insulated & draught proof with rubber seals all the way round the door.

Maximum use of space , when fitting behind the brickwork opening.

Easily automated and operated from a handset or your mobile smartphone

Quiet and smooth operation 


And – Peace of mind with the Doorteck Sectional has a limited 10 Year Warranty!

Chris Lawrence the Managing Director of Doorteck, decided to carefully consider all the sectional doors on the market and take the best options from each to assemble a door in our workshop. Building each door to our individual customers exact size requirements, along with different panel options colours and of course various window options. Ensuring quality panels and components and reducing lead times from those of doors made in eastern Europe or Germany by several weeks. Ultimately ensuring the best quality but at competitive prices with prompt lead times. This has been successful that we now have several trade customers of our Doorteck Sectional Doors.  

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your sectional garage door requirements.  


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