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Sussex Roller garage doors are among the more practical of the main garage door operating systems available. Opening smoothly and Quietly, they consists of a series of metal laths that roll up and around a central axle located above the opening. Removing the need for internal tracks which can obstruct shelves , side doors into the garage or windows. Sussex Roller Doors take up less room than many of the alternatives.
Advantage of using Sussex roller garage doors , the roller garage door takes  up either 300 mm or 205 mm depending upon the lath size of 77 mm or 55 mm respectively . Making it the ideal choice for the smaller garage. The 11 mm thick insulated lath, offering tremendous tensile strength against impact and providing significant security advantages. They are also easy to open and close, requiring a simple vertical motion of the tube motor to operate.
Sussex Roller garage doors are resilient and easy to maintain, but accidents can happen that require immediate repair. At Sussex Roller Doors we have solutions, our installers with years of experience with roller garage doors have the necessary parts to repair roller garage doors of all makes and sizes and can even simply just changed a few of the damaged laths rather than having a whole new door.
Why choose Sussex Roller  Garage Doors?  Well, we  are your first choice for roller garage door installation, offering competitive pricing on compliant roller doors.  We know which motors are the best, which control box's are the most reliable and which safety edge offers the best long term operating safety to you and your family.
Our team of roller garage door installers cover Sussex and we know what we are talking about.
We’re proud of our local roots, and the high quality of service we offer our clients across the county.
Over twenty seven years’ experience with garage doors and over twenty years of experience installing roller garage doors across Sussex.
Our team here at Sussex Roller Garage Doors ,will make sure that every installation is completed to a very high standard with minimum hassle to you.
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