Up and Over Garage Doors

Our range of garage doors have been selected carefully to appeal to all tastes. We have a wide range of standard colours, door types, materials and designs to choose from, so you’ll easily find a garage door that is in keeping with the style of your property. 

Our diverse range of garage doors have been engineered with durability, reliability and security as standard, so you’ll have the peace of mind that your new garage door will stand the test of time and be a stylish, long-lasting and cost-effective addition to your home. 

Our range of Up & Over Garage Doors is incredibly flexible. With a wide choice of materials and designs, they can be incorporated into any home as an affordable, stylish solution. 

Our steel options come in paneled or ribbed designs and are great value for money, but if you’re after something a little more natural, then why not choose a timber Up & Over garage door. These are made with quality timber materials to provide a natural finish for both modern and period properties. For a more contemporary style, you could look at our GRP or PVC Up & Over garage doors, as they are low maintenance, have rust resistant panels and come in a variety of colours. 

Up & Over garage doors are designed for durability and security, and come with the option of canopy, retractable and retractable plus gearing too. Here at Doorteck, you’re sure find the right Up & Over Garage Door for your home.

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Doorteck Up and Over Door Range

Measuring up- Information

When discussing measurements for Up and Over doors we always use the dimensions of the daylight opening and these dimensions are generally the ones used for ordering. The internal frame size that is installed into the opening, which the door panel and mechanisms are attached to. This frame can be box section steel or timber as standard from most manufacturers.

For example, a 7'x7' (2134mm x 2134mm) garage door ordering size refers to the internal size of the frame, with the door panel itself being smaller within.  Frame dimensions can vary slightly depending on the mechanism chosen, which may affect your overall ordering dimensions. Manufactures allow for their door panel to be a slightly smaller size this allows for the door to tilt within the frame without binding to the top or floor. 

Please note with Up and Over doors that the drive-through dimensions will never be equal to the ordering dimensions. This is due to the framework at the sides, but also because the door panel hangs down slightly at the top of the frame when open. 

Installation Positions

Up and Over garage doors with frames can be installed in between (reveal fitted) or behind (inside) the opening, but not in front of it. The installation position can depend on sizing restrictions.Fitting behind the opening can increase the drive-through dimensions.

If you are unsure please contact us, we're happy to help. Installing in-between the opening means you see the full frame and door and can position the door wherever looks best or works for the floor levels; it may appear better to some, but obviously means a smaller door size.



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