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Garage Door Sizes Guide
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Garage Door Sizes Guide

There is no single standard garage door size. Most suppliers will manufacture garage doors in a few different sizes to suit different garages. The size will also vary depending on the type of garage door, and whether it’s a single or double. 

In this guide, we’ll help you get a better understanding of the most common sizes for each type of garage door.

Garage door sizes guide

What is the standard size of a single garage door?

Single garage doors tend to range from approximately 6′-10′ wide and 6’6″-7′ high. The most popular size for a single up-and-over garage door in the UK is 7’x7′.

What is the standard size of a double garage door?

Double garage doors tend to have the same range in height as single garage doors — 6’6″-7′. However, double garage doors will obviously be wider than single doors, typically measuring between 10’6″-16′ wide. The most popular size for a double up-and-over garage door in the UK is 7’x14′.

What is the standard size of a sectional garage door?

Sectional doors typically start at 7′ wide and increase in increments of 6 inches. The doors usually come in one of two heights: 6’6″ and 7′.

What is the standard size of a side-hinged garage door?

While there are many different sizes of side-hinged garage doors available, the most common remain as 6’6″x7′ and 7’x7′. You will also need an outer sub frame for side-hinged garage doors, which usually measure at about 50-70mm.

What is the standard size of a roller garage door?

Though many garage doors are made to order, there still remain some popular roller garage door sizes. The most common size is typically 7’x7’6″. You must also take into account the guides on either side of the main roller door curtain. These typically measure between 70-100m.

What measurements do you need for a new garage door?

When measuring for a new garage door, you will need to take the following essential measurements:

  • Width and height of the structural opening
  • Width and height of existing garage door panels (if getting a replacement door)
  • Width and height of existing timber sub frame (if reusing the timber frame)
  • Internal headroom, which is the distance from the underside of the supporting lintel to the lowest point of the ceiling.

You must also make note of any obstructions that may affect installation of the garage door. 

Do I need to measure the garage door myself?

Doorteck measuring for new garage door at home in Eastbourne

Take advantage of the free surveys and measuring service at Doorteck Garage Doors. We take the stress of measuring off your shoulders and provide a professional measuring service from our experienced team of installers. 

We can identify and recommend the most suitable garage door for your needs. We offer various models of garage doors, all customisable in your choice of style, colour and design. Check out our products for yourself at our showroom. 

Doorteck covers the whole of the South East, including Eastbourne, Bexhill and Seaford, East Sussex. 

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