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What Kind of Garage Door Do I Have?
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What Kind of Garage Door Do I Have?

It’s useful to know what kind of garage door you have – for example, if you’re trying to fix an issue with it and need to understand how the mechanism works, or source replacement parts. You might need to figure out if a new car can fit comfortably in your garage. Or perhaps you need to take the door type into account when planning changes to your space.

You might also want to figure out if it’s the right type of garage door for you, or whether you want to switch to a new type of garage door. If you’re looking to purchase a new garage door, knowing what type you have already can help you decide whether you’d like to stick with that style or switch to something different.

What are the different types of garage doors?

There are six main types of garage door. Each works in a different way and comes with its own features and advantages. Here are the main types of garage doors and how they work.

Up & over garage doors2x up and over garador beaumont in brown with white frames

Up & over garage doors, sometimes called tilt-up canopy garage doors, are one of the most common type of door in the UK. They are made from one single sheet of metal and, as the name suggests, are lifted up and over to open. They use a pivoting hinge mechanism to lift up and slide back along the ceiling of the garage. When open, the garage door sits overhead, parallel to the ceiling.

Made from a strong steel chassis with lots of safety features, up & over garage doors are an excellent option for keeping your vehicles and home secure.

Sectional garage doorsDoorteck Oak Frame Sectional Door

Again, the name is a big clue to how sectional garage doors work. They are made up of separate sections that are connected by hinges. As you open or close the door, small wheels on the side of the panels run along a track to open out or push back the door.

 As with an up & over door, when opened, a sectional door sits parallel to the garage ceiling. However, sectional doors can be a better option where there isn’t much room outside the garage. The door stays flush to the edge of the building while opening, unlike an up & over door, which swings out to open.

Sectional garage door panels are also available with insulation, to keep your home warmer through the winter months. What’s more, if any problems occur, the panels can be repaired individually – so you don’t need to replace the whole door.

Roller garage doorsAluroll Golden Oak double roller door

Roller garage doors are often used in commercial environments, although they also make great home garage doors. They are especially good for garages with limited ceiling space, as they roll up around a drum instead of running back along the ceiling. Roller garage doors are made up of multiple 2–3-inch metal slats that are joined together and roll or unroll to open and close the door. They’re usually automated and operated by remote control.

Side-hinged garage doorsGarador Timber Ashton Side Hinge Door

You can opt for garage doors that work more like traditional doors, opening out to the side via a hinge. Not only are these a great option if you have limited headroom in your garage, but many people also go for them as a design choice. The classic style can add a stylistic flair to your garage and boost that curb appeal.

Side-hinged garage doors are also a good option if your garage doubles up as a workshop or office, as they allow quick and easy personal access in and out of the property.

Automated garage doors

Automated doors open and close using an electric motor and are operated by a remote control. The advantages are that there’s no need to physically exert yourself to open the door, and that you can open and close the door without needing to leave your car – you can just drive right in or out. Automated garage doors are available in different styles, depending on your space and design requirements.

Smart garage doors

It’s also possible to incorporate an automatic garage door into your smart home so that you can open and close it via smartphone or tablet. Like any automated garage door, it’s powered by a motor, but you also connect it to your home Wi-Fi network so there’s no need to carry a separate remote around.

Other considerations when choosing a garage door

It’s not just the type of garage door you should think about – you should also consider things like the type of garage door opener, what kind of lock to use and which springs are best for your space. Design is also an important aspect for many people. Garage doors come in a range of colours, as well as with different surfaces and coatings, such as laminate and wood effects. Perhaps it’s time for a change? Read our guide on how to choose the right garage door for you.

Here with help and advice

At Doorteck, we’re experts in garage door solutions and are always happy to provide you with advice and recommendations on the right garage door for you. And once you’ve made your choice on a new garage door, we also provide expert installation and offer ongoing maintenance and repairs to extend the lifespan of your garage door. For a free site survey or quotation, simply get in touch with our team today on 01323 486 332.

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